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  • M Van der Poorten

    M Van der Poorten

    Cognitive Solutions Sales Executive @ IBM focused on Financial Services specialised in Watson and IoT - All views and opinions in this account are my own

  • janseurinck


    creativity evangelist @flandersdc - contentgeek - kennisdeler - communicatiemens - blogger - podcaster - ideeënmens - docent - woordenaar - vader - +32486322750

  • Saba Ansari

    Saba Ansari

    Creating high quality content. Make decisions according to the policies and procedures. Identify improvement opportunities in work flow and suggest solutions.

  • Jayson DeMers

    Jayson DeMers

    CEO of EmailAnalytics (emailanalytics.com), a productivity tool that visualizes team email activity, and measures email response time. Check out the free trial!

  • Geert Nijst

    Geert Nijst

  • Remco Janssen

    Remco Janssen

    Founder tech PR agency Proudly Represents. Founder and publisher Silicon Canals. Startup Mentor. Football Nerd. Coffee Snob.

  • Wim Mathues

    Wim Mathues

    Industry Lead for Media-Entertainment-Sponsorships/Sports @GfK | #Entrepreneur http://MCMC.biz - Football, Music, Film&Shows, Snowboarding, Wine&Dine, Travel

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