Types, benefits, possible pitfalls and real-life set-up examples

It makes sense: as your company grows, you’ll encounter different groups of people throughout your customer base. They live in different places and have unique needs, characteristics, concerns or difficulties. Those differences translate into different expectations about your communication, support and more.

The key to sustainable customer relations and communication lies in understanding these unique needs and how your audience wants to be addressed.

If you want to get started with targeted email communication or you want to take a closer look at your existing strategy, this is the perfect guide for you. …

Even though interfaces get redesigned at a regular basis, the foundation of the average platform in your marketing stack is probably over a decade old. When rethinking and redesigning our database model, we asked our users to clean up their existing database to be able to transfer to the new platform.

I want to share with you the reasons behind database chaos, fears and thresholds our users had to overcome when faced with that question. Why is it so hard to bring structure in your customer data? And why would those efforts pay off?

Why this article

This isn’t a sales pitch. As…

Just 79% of commercial emails worldwide land in the inbox, according to EmailMonks.
Yes, that means that one in five fails to reach the intended recipient.
Don’t worry, the earth will keep on turning.

When you’re done recovering from the shock, read on. I’ll dig deeper into the difference between delivery and deliverability and what you can actually do to improve both.

Making it to the inbox is one of the most undervalued elements of setting up great email marketing. Marketers tend to mix up two very different concepts: delivery vs deliverability.

· Delivery refers to whether or not a…

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